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Ospitalità Italiana - Quality Approved


Syrenum D.O.P. Sorrento Peninsula

The extra virgin olive oil SYRENUM D.O.P.(Protected Designation of Origin)is produced exclusively from the best olives of “Minucciola” variety, the typical variety of Sorrento Peninsula

Sorrento Orange Olive Oil

This dressing of orange oil is produced by the union between the finest olives with the fragant oranges of Sorrento, a typical product of Sorrento Coast by hundred-year history. Its intense scent of orange peel and its fresh taste make it the ideal dressing to flavour savory or even sweet dishes .It can be used as a dressing or in cooking, to flavour seafoods, vegetables, or even to prepare delicious desserts. From the appetizer to the dessert it succeds in giving a unique touch to the dishes.

Sorrento Lemon Olive Oil

From the union between the finest olives with the renowned Sorrento’s IGP Lemon we create this lemon oil dressing that retains the intense aromas and flavors of the Sorrentine Peninsula.

Sorrento Basil Olive Oil

The oil flavored with basil is particularly suitable for seasoning salads and to flavor sauces.